Wing It: Making Connections

Originally by D’Arcy Hutchings

Are you there, class? It’s me, Morgan.

I decided to do this assignment for the Wing It section because my biggest weakness in the class is commenting / responding to comments. Half of it is because I work at night, and I don’t want to wake anyone up with a 2am email (sorry about that tonight classmates). The other half is that seeing everyone is so eloquent with their wording with their years of knowledge and experience. I hope to respond back eloquently, but I still lack a lot of knowledge in this realm. Today (Tonight), I will challenge myself to comment what I can and respond.

Task: Visit the blogs of your classmates and make comments on 4 people’s posts. I will also respond to at least 4 comments on my own blog that I have yet to respond.

Not-so-secret objective(s): A key part of being engaged with an online course is connecting to the other people in it.


Replied to a comment on my Collaborate

Replied to three comments on my IP Friend or Foe

Replied to a comment on Wing It pt 1.

Commented on Maureen’s Productivity post

Commented on Liz’s Fair Use Hymnal post

Commented on Sam’s IP Friend of Foe

Commented on Nina’s Productivity post

My grade: 8/8 (4 comments on other blogs and 4 responses on my own)

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