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Reflecting on Collection 3, an assignment that sticks out to me is the IP Friend or Foe assignment. The assignment was to argue whether we pro intellectual property or against intellectual property. I went into the assignment thinking that I would be pro intellectual property, but I surprisingly came away not sure of a side. I learn best from videos, I like the visual / audio aspect and that it often captures my attention with understandable examples. I believe that I was more understanding of the case against intellectual property because of the assigned video. I liked the examples the host made, and it made more sense to me. Looking back, I should have explored pro intellectual property videos to make sure that I had basic understanding of the conversation.

That is why today I am looking at three of my peers assignment to see more points to this intellectual property conversation.

First, I will attach Sam’s IP Friend or Foe post because we ended up with similar outcomes.

I liked his video taking us through all of the materials that he found that shaped his opinion on intellectual property. I would like to incorporate more of that in my screencasts. Sam and I are on the same page on this topic. I liked when in his screencast he said “I am for intellectual property when they are protecting the little guy, and I am not necessarily for intellectual property when they have corporate greed.” His example about the medicine really illustrates this, and I find myself agreeing with this statement completely. It is hard to take sides on this matter.

I will now look to Abdulallah’s post where he takes the pro intellectual property rights side.

I really appreciated that he took the arguments from the other side of the conversation, and made points. He tackled topics such as intellectual property being neither intellectual, nor property.

I addressed this topic in my power point. The question of is intellectual property actually property baffled me. I’d never thought about that before. I included the definition of property – a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively. Abdulallah writes, “Works of the mind are not property in the original and truest sense of the word, but they are property in that their makers have rights to them.”

This goes along with my final conclusion of sides in the intellectual property right debate depend on which side you stand on. Creators’ work is their property, but others may not view it as property because it is not technically fitting of the the definition of property.

After learning about how copyright doesn’t last forever. ( As I mentioned in my presentation, Happy Birthday can’t be used now, but in 2030 it will be public domain.) With this in mind, I can see the pro intellectual property right side more. I would even go as far to say that because of the limited copyright, that I would side with the pro, even though I was clearly leaning towards the against in my presentation.

I really enjoyed reading Maureen’s post. She was thorough and detailed about her research and gave great examples.

She included this graphic that helped me to sort out the different types of intellectual property. This helps me to understanding of where both sides are coming from in the conversation.

When she talked about her time at an aerospace engineering company, it was an example that helped me understand her perspective.

“For starters I though I was going to start working and be expected to start designing from scratch. Multiple senior engineers told not to worry and were actually shocked that I though this. On every new design they start with the old product and design in the new requirements.”

Everything starts from somewhere, just like the host in the case against intellectual property stated. As we become more advanced as a society and in technology, improving on the old would be the obvious next step! It would be redundant to start from scratch every time.

In conclusion, I don’t think that after reading my peers work I can say that I am firmly on one side or the other. I feel as though they validated my beliefs of it matters which role you play. In my first presentation, I leaned more towards against intellectual property. I had more slides, more information, and understood their argument more. I am leaving today feeling completely split after understanding more about the different aspects and learning more about the pro side of the argument.

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