Thinking About Your Thinking

The (Creative) Commons assignment was a really great concept! If I could go back in time, or tell a future student I would stress about finding content that is completely originally yours. I hadn’t made anything in the class that would fit the assignment that was completely mine. For the assignment, I used an infographic created through a template and used information on the internet. The assignment would have been more meaningful if I had used creative original work, such as a photograph or a drawing. It would have been impactful to think about how I want others to use my work. I chose the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. This means that someone who took that inforgraphic could not profit off of it, but could share and remix it to their choosing as long as they credit me in their work.

Would I be okay if it was a Morgan original art? Watching the video that explained the different types, illustrating the concept through a fictional bird drawing, the art that came from the remixing was really interesting! It would be so fascinating to see others take on my work, but I imagine that I would also feel hesitant to let me work go into another’s hands. Especially knowing that as more and more people remix / share the work that it would be less likely that everyone would credit me as the creator.

Thinking in that spectrum makes me ponder my stance on intellectual property. I said I could see both sides, but my power point leaned more to understanding the against side. Noting that I did see that it depends on your role as the creator or consumer. Thinking about copyrighting my original work helps me to realize more of the pro intellectual property side of the conversation. It would be hard to let your work / ideas go to another’s hands.

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