The (Creative) Commons

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I chose the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
license for my infographic on the differences between digital skills and digital literacy. I chose this license for several different reasons.

The first set of reasons having to do with the purpose of the infographic. It is meant to educate people on this topic of digital skills and digital literacy. I am no expert on the topic, so if someone who has more information and knowledge on the subject would like to add, then I wouldn’t mind them sharing or remixing the image, as long as they give credit.

The second set of reasons is because I created this image from a popular infographic website, and received most of my information online. I wouldn’t feel comfortable for people making money off of their remixed image if they don’t credit the original articles that I did at the bottom as their own work.

Proper Use:

A student / teacher using this image as it stands or revamping it to be more of what fits their needs for an assignment / assignment example. The person using the image credits my original work, and does not receive any compensation for the image.

Improper Use:

If someone were to not credit me, and / or use this image in a way that they receive compensation; this would be improper use.

If someone is selling a pamphlet on how to learn the difference between digital skills and digital literacy outside of a Educational Technology convention with this image in it (without credit), this would be improper use.

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