Make & Share (Collection 3)

I decided to blend work & school for this assignment.

There are a lot of homeschool programs on the market these days, especially in Alaska. How does my program set itself a part? Besides the performance based education, our homeschool is very involved! I see all the students on a regular basis. I teach lessons. I tutor the students when they are struggling. Sometimes the families invite me over for dinner!

How do I convey this tight knit school that is on the parents terms?

I’ve been using facebook as a way to not only connect our current families, but to show our program to others.

The boring flyer won’t cut it anymore, and I am looking for different ways to gain an audience.

I found this website called Canva that is a great way to build your social media presence.

I created this banner for my blog.

I created this facebook post to remind families (or perspective families) about enrollment papers.

Families are active on instagram, so I created a specific post that would be more fitting for that platform.

I created an activity flyer that would be good to email, post on the website, facebook, and even instagram.

I am excited to keep playing with this website! I am excited to see if there is a change in engagement according to the facebook statistics.

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