Advice to future students

Hello Future Students!

First of all, this was a very fun class! If you are like me, and this is one of your first grad school classes, you may feel overwhelmed, don’t be! Feel free to ask the professor for any questions you have.

During your initial meeting, the professor will talk about all of the cool, flexible projects you will do in the class. Those projects revolve around educational technology, ADA, laws, and so forth. Make sure you create a URL that can last throughout different classes and makes sense for educational technology. I was thinking that I was making all of the assignments up on my own, so I made my url revolve around languages, which in the end didn’t make sense.

Email / tweet your peers! Collaboration makes work easier and gets more points! Don’t be nervous to do it, everyone loves when someone wants to work together with them!

Look at the Your Choice Assignments ASAP! You don’t want to be up until 3am trying to finish all of those options. Also, because they can give you extra credit, don’t write them off! Those extra points are life savers and a gift! You will feel so much happier at the end of the class with a 400/350 rather than a 300/350 (or whatever the total is).

Look at your peer’s blogs! They may be using technology or programs that you haven’t heard of. It always helps to incorporate new skills into your portfolio.

Have fun with it! The flexibility this class offers allows you to take the topic and make it into something you are interested in. For example, during our Fair Use project, I talked about fair use in music. Another classmate talked about fair use in photography. It could be talked about in literature and politics, the list goes on and on!

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