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As a homeschool teacher, I depend on the calendar on my computer for meetings between families, one on one tutor sessions, activities, meeting with fellow homeschool teachers, and the list goes on and on. The first thing I do in the morning is check my work emails, and then my calendar. As I have been away from my computer away more in the summer and out of the office, I decided to use a paper calendar with my work schedule and when assignments were due. This would help decrease my technology time, and help me focus on just the important tasks of the day.

I recommend writing the correct dates, and double checking they are right. (I wrote that collection3 was due the 22nd, which was a Monday. I don’t think a collection has ever been due on Monday, so that should have been a red flag.) (Edit: Just realized that collection 2 was due the 22nd, which makes more sense.)

Though I wasn’t productive in the way that I thought I would be, I learned something about my productivity style. I prefer working at night. I’ve always known this about myself, but it really resonated with this Productive assignment.

Now that I am back in Alaska, and had more time, I decided to do my work during the days / morning. I would start something, and then start doing other things such as unpacking, laundry, and even redoing a room in the house. My focus on research and creating posts is at a higher level at night.

Basically, this productivity trial was a lesson on how I am not productive. Which is good to learn! I need those constant notifications from my computer calendar. I also affirmed that I work best / feel most creative at night time. My next productive task is to learn how to work best at night. Now I need to come up with steps that would make me productive at night, without disturbing the next day, by not getting enough sleep.

My next steps are to incorporate my assignments / work into my nightly routine. While doing the steps to go to bed, where I read, write, etc., I need to incorporate looking at the collection dates, and working on something everyday. Even if it doesn’t complete the assignment / task, it will be something to work off of for the next time. This will result in better work as I will have time to think about assignments, opinions, etc. to show a better understanding of the topic. I plan to accomplish this by putting assignments with their descriptions on my reminder app on my phone, and then using the notes app to write down my thoughts.

I will hopefully update with a more positive change in productivity soon!

Are you a early riser or a night owl?

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  1. Coming from the legal field, calendaring deadlines is a must. I typically used an electronic calendar with a hard copy back up. I learned early in my paralegal career to give attorneys deadlines that 2 or 3 days before the actual due date. That saved a lot of last minute, rush trips to the courthouse. Attorneys are terrible procrastinators and I picked up a bit of the habit myself. Getting in a routine, which is easier for me during the academic year, is a great way to deal with procrastination.

    Is there something between early bird and night owl? That would be me.

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