A little about me..

My name is Morgan Mitchell, and I am currently a graduate student at UAF pursuing a degree in Online Innovation and Design. I am a homeschool advisory teacher in Alaska. I love this type of teaching, it allows me to work with many different families / students closely, but not all at the same time.

I live in Valdez, AK, but am originally from Alabama. I was born and raised in north Alabama, and moved to Alaska when I was nineteen. Here we are five years later in Alaska!

Why is the URL iamnotapolyglot?

I one day strive to be a polyglot, but for now I have yet succeed. A polyglot is someone who can speak three or more languages. I am not even sort of bilingual, but taking small steps every day to gain a new language.

Why the Online Innovation and Design Program?

I looked at, and even started, other grad programs, but this one always peaked my interest! When I was student teaching, I saw how integrated technology was in the classroom. If the lights went out, I wasn’t sure what to do besides read a book aloud! Students are using iPads or laptops for assignments, research, learning math formulas on YouTube. Teachers are finding new ways to keep connected with parents, make work more efficient for students, and finding updated, fun resources on the internet. Technology is a huge part in education, and I think getting a masters in this topic will prepare me for this direction of education.

Different Types of Work:

All of the work that I have completed so far in the program is separated through categories with the respective class name.

Fun Facts about me:

I like to collect CDs.

I have a second job working at my local library.

I have a Karelian Bear dog named Pilot who is about to be 2, and almost 70 lbs.

Favorite food is gumbo.